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Have a difficult-to-access area that you need surveyed? Drone Mapping allows us to acquire aerial data, bringing accurate mapping and surveying within reach, even in the most challenging and remote locations.

Drone Mapping Adelaide

Why Drone Mapping?

Using drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), is one of the most cost-effective ways to map hard to reach areas and capture high-resolution imagery.

There are several benefits of drone mapping depending on your project.


In the old days, aerial surveys meant expensive equipment and setups. Drones eliminate the need for extra gear, saving you both time and money.

Quick Results

Our drones swiftly snap high-quality photos and videos in just a few hours, speeding up your project’s timeline.

Safety First

Traditional methods often involve working at heights, which can be risky. Drone mapping eliminates this danger, prioritizing everyone’s safety.

Less Disruption

Unlike traditional surveys that can disrupt access to sites, our drones operate with minimal interference, keeping your project moving without distruptions.

Reaching the Unreachable

Our drones can access places that traditional surveyors can’t, such as steep rooftops, quarry edges, or waterlogged terrains.

Superior Data

Drone mapping effortlessly captures high-resolution images and videos to help you make informed decisions.

Our Methodology

Precision in every step.

At Nelson Surveyors, our systematic approach guarantees that every aspect of your project receives the attention it needs. Here’s an overview of our process:

  1. Understanding Your Project: We kickstart by diving deep into your project’s intricacies, ensuring we fully grasp your objectives and needs.
  2. Site Assessment: Our seasoned experts conduct a comprehensive site evaluation, factoring in access points, environmental considerations, and securing any essential permissions.
  3. Flight Path Planning: Before our drones take flight, we plan their routes, ensuring optimal coverage and data collection.
  4. Liftoff: The drones are launched, capturing aerial data through their high-quality cameras
  5. Data Interpretation: Once back on the ground, we leverage cutting-edge software tools to extract the precise information you require. We can also integrate this data into other existing surveys – whatever you need to support your project.
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Our Work

Working alongside Nelson Surveyors is always a pleasure. The National Trust, a heritage-focused organisation, has been proud to collaborate with Nelson Surveyors on several of our projects. These include the preservation of our national heritage sites and the development of tourism infrastructure in regional locations such as Moonta Mines, Port Pirie, Peterborough, and more. These sites are a considerable distance from our base in Adelaide. I confidently attest that Nelson's autonomous site visits consistently yield highly productive outcomes for our projects.

Nelson and his team consistently provide high-quality 3D models, precise site surveys, and exceptionally detailed orthographic plans. This content has proven invaluable for mapping existing conditions, greatly assisting our architects in their conservation documentation. In addition, we’ve engaged Nelson to develop immersive 3D landscapes tailored to our organisation’s educational media, providing engaging and informative resources. Their on-site 3D scans offer a wealth of valuable information, and they seamlessly adapt to our evolving project requirements. Often, they provide updates on the same day or shortly thereafter in response to our requests.

I wholeheartedly endorse Nelson Surveyors for their expertise in construction projects, and confidently attest to their strong grasp on heritage projects. Their mapping and visualisation capabilities are highly beneficial for educators and digital media professionals alike. Whether you require virtual site models or precise scale models for architectural and engineering purposes, Nelson Surveyors consistently deliver excellence.

We continue to place our trust in Nelson Surveyors as our primary surveying services provider. We have full confidence in their ability to adapt to our project briefs and consistently deliver exceptional results.

James Guy
Heritage Project Manager
National Trust of South Australia

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