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Unlock the potential of 3D Scanning for confident project planning, design, and construction. Our precise laser scanning technology delivers precision to construction and heritage projects of all kinds. Let us be your partner in setting the foundation for your next project.

3D Scanning

Precise, Efficient, Non-Intrusive

Using the latest technology we can capture with precision and speed, large amounts of data previously inaccessible to traditional surveys. Our commitment to innovation allows us to cater to the most challenging environments and structures, ensuring accurate, detailed surveys that transform data into actionable insights.

Our seasoned surveyors possess the expertise to gather precise data and craft highly accurate surveys, even on hazardous surfaces and intricate structures. Whether it’s vast rail corridors, complex industrial sites, cliff-edges, tall bridges or cherished heritage buildings, we rise to the challenge. With the help of our 3D visualisations you will be able to see the entire picture to help you plan your next project.

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Informed Decision-Making Through Data

The data we capture is more than just measurements; it’s a treasure trove of invaluable insights. With this accurate data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions about your project. And, it’s available to you at any time, anywhere.

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Our Work

The National Trust, a heritage-focused organisation, has been proud to collaborate with Nelson Surveyors on several of our projects including the preservation of our national heritage sites and the development of tourism infrastructure in regional locations

We continue to place our trust in Nelson Surveyors to consistently deliver exceptional results.

James Guy
Heritage Project Manager
National Trust of South Australia

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