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About Nelson Surveyors

Nelson Surveyors provide services throughout South Australia, with significant contributions to projects such as the South Road Expressway Duplication the Glenelg Tram Line, the Richmond and South Road Intersection, and numerous others. From the tallest bridges to the most significant heritage sites, building and road construction. Our expertise extends to the most diverse terrains and structures across the entire State.

Entrust your project to us, and get it done right the first time. By combining our experience and utilizing some of the most accurate measuring instruments available, you can be confident in the success of your project.

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What sets us apart?

 It’s our unwavering commitment to innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence. 

We are always experimenting with the latest advancements to discover new and better ways of surveying and managing data

We are pioneers within the industry, leveraging technology and training colleagues on the latest techniques and developments.

Survey Experts

Our Team

Nelson Boquin

Nelson Boquin is an experienced Surveyor with a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry.

With a deep history in construction, Nelson founded Nelson Surveyors in 2013. Since then, Nelson and his team have been involved with hundreds of major projects across South Australia, including the Honeypot Bridge Extension, Smith Creek Bridge and the South Road Intersection.

Nelson is highly skilled in AutoCAD, Aerial Photography, Land Surveying, Laser Scanning and Road Construction, and focuses on providing precise, quality surveying to every client and project.

During his downtime, you’ll catch Nelson tinkering away with point clouds or personally exploring new technologies on-site.

Thomas Couzner

Tom is Nelson's right hand man. Obsessed with details, Tom continues to be a valuable asset to Nelson Surveyors.

Tom is making an impact in the industry through his passion to make something incredible from a blank canvas. His greatest reward lies in witnessing the creation of a building or construction project from the ground up. He loves setting out the foundation for a successful project and instilling clients with the confidence that their project is in the right hands.

On the weekend, Tom enjoys spending quality time with his family and hitting the tracks with motocross endurance riding.

Alison De Backer

Alison supports the work of Nelson's team and brings a wealth of experience to clients.

Alison is a qualified designer and has experience in heritage, construction, local government, planning and education. She loves to understand our clients' requirements and develop reports, visualisations and resources that add value to the project and ensure that the outputs are easily understood by the end user.

When not behind a computer or out on site, Alison enjoys travelling through regional Australia to explore heritage buildings.

Our Story

Nelson Surveyors began in 2013, driven by the vision of our founder, Nelson Boquin.

Throughout his life, Nelson’s curiosity has fueled his passion for surveying. Having spent considerable time in the surveying field, he believed that surveying had more to offer than just pushing buttons. He wanted to gain a holistic understanding of surveying, its true value to the world and apply that knowledge to help improve the service in the construction industry.

With this in mind Nelson made the decision to join the other side, and became a labourer on a civil site.This choice allowed him to witness and learn how an empty paddock could transform into a thriving community. Nelson experienced the entire process from an entirely new perspective. 

Nelson made the decision to experience a project from different perspective. Working as a construction team member, he was able to experience the processes involved beginning with an empty paddock and transforming into a thriving community. Nelson experienced the entire process from an entirely new perspective.

With practical experience under his belt, Nelson started his entrepreneurial journey and created Nelson Surveyors. Knowing first-hand what’s important to construction teams, makes him an invaluable surveying collaborator, guaranteeing the successful completion of many projects. Nelson brings a practical and intellectual approach to all his client work.

Now, Nelson Surveyors has grown into a team of experts, headquartered in beautiful McLaren Vale, South Australia.

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What We Do

With years of experience in Heritage Scanning and Civil Surveying, we’re at the forefront of our field. We use a range of technologies to deliver the essential data you need, total stations, terrestrial and aerial laser scanners, digital levels, and advanced processing software. But that’s not all – we also offer an array of additional services, including data management, machine control preparation, site set out and as constructed surveys.

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